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Neglect is a Form of Nursing Home Abuse

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As more baby-boomers are beginning to find that they require a little bit of extra help with daily tasks and providing for their medical needs, they are entering assisted living and long-term care facilities at far higher rates than decades past. As a result of this influx of patients into nursing homes and assisted care facilities, cases of nursing home abuse are on the rise. The primary cause of nursing home abuse is negligence, as many facilities suffer from staffing shortages that leave them unable to provide adequate care.

While most people associate the term “abuse” with active poor treatment such as pushing and shoving, the majority of injuries and abuse are actually the result of neglect. Read on to find out about several forms of neglect that are considered abuse to determine whether or not it's time to contact a nursing home abuse attorney.

Fall Injuries

The act of falling can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones. Unfortunately, any patients report that their falls go unaddressed for hours due to the failure of the staff to check on them often enough. The failure to check on patients at regular intervals constitutes a form of neglect.

Bed Sores

Pressure ulcers, more often referred to colloquially as bed sores, are the result of leaving patients sitting or lying in the same position for many hours, or even days, at a time. All nursing home patients who suffer from a lack of mobility are supposed to be moved frequently in order to prevent the development of bed sores and if they are not moved they can wind up developing severe wounds that can result in infection and even death. If a patient has begun to develop bed sores, the staff responsible for the negligence that has led to them should be held accountable.

Malnutrition and Dehydration

Patients who suffer from cognitive issues that make communication difficult are often susceptible to having their dietary needs ignored. This can lead to malnutrition and dehydration, both of which can wreak havoc on patients who already have compromised immune systems and can increase their chances of developing serious injuries and illnesses.

Learn More Today

The forms of neglect described above are just a few of the ways that nursing home abuse can be committed. Interested in finding out more details about nursing home abuse, how it can be prevented, and what loved ones can do after the fact? Contact The Robenalt Law Firm Inc. for additional information.
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